How to work happy: A popular news anchor & reporter shows us the way!

by Joe Szynkowski | Aug 19, 2016 | Workhappy Blog

By Joe Szynkowski | The UpWrite Group 

We here at The UpWrite Group love to see people having fun at work. So much so that we like to ask said people, “What’s the deal? Why the smile?”

This month’s WorkHappy post has a local flavor. If you’ve seen Callie Carroll doing her thing as a reporter and morning anchor for WSIL-TV 3 in Carterville, Ill., you’ve surely thought to yourself: This girl loves her job!

From her take on the jellyroll dance to her skills launching screaming monkeys across toy stores, Callie has built a following of Southern Illinoisans looking for a little humor and positivity with their news. (Check out her reel here).

Read on for Callie’s tips on what it takes to show up to work smiling – and what she credits for her career happiness.

Question: If you had to estimate, what percentage of your friends, colleagues and family members are truly HAPPY in their professional careers? For those who are unhappy, what would you say are a few of the contributing factors?

Answer: I’d say probably 75 percent of my friends, colleagues and family members are happy in their careers. I would say a majority of the people who are unhappy are that way because they feel they aren’t adequately paid for what they do.

Q: You’re always smiling on-air and during your Callie on the Job segments, what do you attribute to being an overall happy person at work?

A: My happiness at work and in life are attributed to my faith, family and friends. I’ve always been a happy person, even gaining the nickname “sunshine” by coworkers. The way I see it is you’re only given one life so you might as well make every day the best it can possibly be.

Q: What made you choose to become a news reporter/anchor and what steps did you take to achieve your goals?

A: When people used to ask me what I wanted to do when I “grew up” I would say I wanted to make people smile. I knew at a young age that was the goal, so I thought TV would be a great platform. I started out in sports broadcasting and after doing one news crossover story I realized I had more of an opportunity to impact people in news, so I made the switch.

Q: How much has your education played a role in your career progression/happiness? Can you speak a bit to how important obtaining a solid degree is to career happiness?

A: I think obtaining my degree helped with overall happiness because through education you learn more about yourself and the world. The more knowledge I gained the more confidence I would have during daily conversations at work and otherwise. I think college is way more than just learning the ins and outs of your future job. I think it’s more about growth, overcoming obstacles and learning how to think outside of the box.

Q: Who are the people in your life who have shaped your personality and the way you approach work?

A: Definitely my parents. They are without a doubt two of the most hardworking people that I know. They also always encouraged me to be myself regardless of what others thought of me. I think it’s so easy to get down on yourself and be your worst critic, but if you continue to have a positive attitude it’s easier to think of yourself and your life in a positive manner.

Q: If you had one piece of advice for people who are unhappy at work for whatever reason, what would it be?

A: Truthfully I would say if you are unhappy at work, then find a new job. Think about what it is that makes you happy and find a job that helps you accomplish that. My happiness at work comes from the opportunity I have to spread positivity. Do I have bad days? Absolutely. But in those days I remember why I do what I do. When that spark isn’t there anymore, then I will choose to do something new.

So there you have it. Take Callie’s advice to find a career that you enjoy!

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