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by Jennifer Sigler | April 16, 2017 | Workhappy Blog

Apple’s new $5 billion headquarters – cha-ching!

Spring is now in full swing, and this week corporate giants have been under some scrutiny.

Ante up: Google is in hot water with the Department of Labor for “extreme” gender pay gaps. This comes just days after patting its own back on Equal Pay Day with a tweet praising its efforts to close the gender pay gap on the global level.

Not good, Google. Not good.

The company’s latest diversity report is also receiving several furrowed brows, as it reveals that only 31 percent of its employees are female. Google is now battling the labor department in court over the request of additional employee information, including job histories and salaries. Stay tuned.

Not all Apples are green: Apple is packing its bags. Its new $5 billion headquarters designed by Foster + Partners (dubbed the Spaceship) is finally complete! Both Apple and Foster are hoping to garner LEED Platinum certification for the campus — the highest award for sustainable construction by the U.S. Green Building Council. But jury’s out whether the building will earn this highly-coveted accolade.

While the building boasts some seriously sustainable features — like being the largest naturally ventilated building in the world, requiring no artificial heating or cooling nine months out of the year — it also commands 11,000 parking spaces. While it has been reported that one third of Apple workers currently commute to work via alternative transportation (kudos), it is yet to be seen if its new Cupertino-based headquarters will require more employees to drive to work, increasing those pesky fossil fuel emissions.

Keep your friends close…: Last week, four economists took on Walmart — specifically debating the company as a capitalist success story — in a live debate for Intelligence Squared. The players? Economist and author Richard Vedder and John Tierney, a contributing editor for City Journal, went to bat for the corporate giant, which employs a whopping 1 percent of the national workforce. (Wowza.)

Those against the company were UCSB history professor Nelson Lichtenstein and Amy Traub from Demos. The verdict? The audience voted in favor of Walmart by a five percent margin — ultimately agreeing with Vedder and Tierney’s points on Walmart providing a much-needed source of food and household items for America’s poorer classes.

Important notes: The debate was held in New York. There is not a single Walmart in the five boroughs. Fifty-four percent of the audience declared they do not shop at Walmart. Just curious, but I wonder what a Walmart-shopping (or Walmart-working) audience’s take might be?


If you are looking for your next great read, we have it! The book is Post Grad: Five Women and Their First Year Out of College, and it is hot off the presses — just released Tuesday. In the book, author Caroline Kitchener follows four of her ivy league female classmates to understand how they navigate post-grad life.

The book offers an intimate look at the opportunities offered to female college graduates and how they are perceived — both personally and professionally.

Whether you are a Millennial interested in the “right-now politics” of your generation or a senior executive interested in an inside look at the female Millennial post-grad mind-set, this is a smart read!


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