WorkHappy Wrap: Hottest $90K roles, #DadsWithDaughters, summer jobs on the decline and more news from a busy week in the workforce

by Jennifer Sigler | June 18, 2017 | Workhappy Blog

Fathers with daughters are winning at business – and at life.

Hey everyone! Pardon the brief interruption of the Work Happy Wrap — I took a vacation and tried to diligently work as little as possible while on said vacation. We will be talking more about the “working vacation” struggle later this week, but for now: Another week in the news of jobs!

Here’s what’s happening.

Healthcare hook up: AMOpportunities just won top marks at the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge. Heard of them? Let me introduce you. AMOpportunities launched three years ago, and works to find medical students from India, Peru and Brazil (among other countries) find on-the-job training in the United States.

More than 1,200 so far in their expanding network of more than 350 healthcare facilities. This experience is essential in landing a residency spot later in their medical careers. According to the co-founders of the company, the $100,000 prize money will be put toward expanding the company’s reach and raising awareness.

High-paying jobs that are all the rage: CNBC has consulted the Occupational Information Network (a jobs database run by the Department of Labor) and curated a list of 28 jobs with growing potential.

Read: A projected 14 percent or more employment increase between 2014 and 2024 — not to mention $90,000+ annual salaries. If you’re keeping up with the healthcare field, you will not be surprised that many of these positions are in medicine.

Paid paternity leave, please: Fast Company is here to report Fatherly’s annual list of companies that offer the best benefits to working dads. Top slots go to Netflix, Etsy and American Express which offer 52 weeks, 26 weeks and 20 weeks of paid paternity leave, respectively.

And since Fatherly began reporting on paternal leave benefits two years ago, paid time off for new dads among the top 50 companies has increased 275 percent, and have been accompanied by other generous benefits, such as Amex’s policy to offer up to $35,000 in medical assistance to eligible employees undergoing fertility treatments, or choosing adoption or surrogacy.

Fathers of daughters: Father’s of daughters are winning at business. The New York Times reported a new study out of Harvard that found that men who have a daughter are more likely to hire more women — an investment that is seeing dividends.

As in, venture capital firms in which investing partners had more daughters saw three percent more of their funded start-ups go public, and a three percent higher rate of return. Moreover, fathers of daughters have been proven to be more likely to support egalitarian gender roles and policies that support women. 

Trading summer jobs for summer classes: Only 35 percent of teens were looking for work last summer. This is a stunning decrease from 1978 — when 60 percent of teenagers had, or at least wanted, a summer job.

So, what’s up? No, kids are not lazier.

In fact, they are trying to get smarter. Teenagers are staying in high school longer, and more of them are going to college after high school, and taking more summer classes. The percent of high school graduates enrolled in college courses has increased 25 percent — the near exact rate of decline in teen labor, reports The Atlantic.

Another reason for the decline: The rise in the unpaid internship, which is not reported in official labor statistics because they are not getting paid.

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