WorkHappy Wrap: #Employees1st, #AllNaturalEntrepreneur, #NASAIsHiring and more from the job market

by Jennifer Sigler | Aug 9, 2017 | Workhappy Blog

Now hiring: A Planetary Protection Officer.

Here is your weekly wrap, bringing you what’s happening in the news of jobs. 

#Leadershipgoals: Put your employees first — even above customers. This is according to a new report released by the SHRM Foundation and Globoforce focused on how “creating a more human workplace where employees and business thrive.”

The moral of the report is this: Treat your employees with care and respect and you will cultivate and attract more productive and loyal employees. Read this story for a deeper look at five characteristics of a thriving work force. Hint: They all have to do with treating employees as people, and not just cogs in a wheel.

Women in business: Higher education is one area where the gender gap favors women. First in 1978, more women than men earned associate’s degrees. In 1982, women earned more bachelor’s degrees than men, and in 1987 more women than men earned master’s degrees. In 2006, women earned more PhDs. The one area women do not own the gender gap on, however, is MBA degrees.

This could be because MBAs are not essential to succeed in leadership roles, but much of the decision depends on a woman’s professional and personal goals — and money.

Tuition can cost as much as six figures — and we are all aware that a woman is not guaranteed to the same return for her dollar. In fact, women still make approximately 80 cents on the dollar — and the gender pay gap is even wider for women of color and women over 35, according to the American Association of University Women.

New kid on the block: Don’t miss this startup story. Seriously. A “10-minute read” for Fast Company’s Most Creative People highlights Jaime Schmidt’s rise in the body care industry from a small “kitchen hobby” to a major player in deodorants. Let me introduce you to Schmidt’s Naturals — all-natural deodorant in great scents like lavender, sage, rose and cedar wood.

The product only sold in a jar in 2014 (that’s right, in a jar) is now carried by 14,000 retailers nationwide, and has increased its net gross by 269 percent in the last year (also now sold in a stick form, btw).

The piece regales Schmidt’s start as well as her partnership a few years later with venture capitalist Michael Cammarata, who saw something special in what Schmidt was creating. The company is set to expand the line to include home and bath products this fall. 

Now hiring: Amazon is now hiring — for more than 50,000 positions that is. And they are doing it old-school style: The job fair. On Wednesday, Amazon hosted job fairs at a dozen locations — a decision that is paying off.

The company, which is seen as an “untapped opportunity” according to those interviewed for the NYT article, received a record-breaking 20,000 applicants on job fair day, and have already extended thousands of job offers.

These numbers offer a stark contrast to its reputation as a “job killer” — being a major player in e-commerce, which has taken major blows to brick-and-mortar retailers lately. In fact, the company has increased its domestic work force to 180,000 at the close of 2016 — a 500 percent increase from 2011.


The inner 12-year-old in all of us is about to go insane for this one. The employer: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The listing: Planetary Protection Officer. Yes, your full-time job would be saving the planet.

While Planetary Protection Officer for NASA seems to be made of the stuff dreamt up in childhood bedroom across the nation, the job is focused more on bacteria than aliens.


The new hire will undertake the mission to prevent Earth from being contaminated by extraterrestrial samples collected on missions, and protecting other planets from “Earth contaminants.” You need a background in engineering, physical science and/or mathematics, and perform great under pressure (obviously).

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