WorkHappy Wrap: #ContractorsAbound, #Generosity, #CEOSearch

by Jennifer Sigler | September 27, 2017 | Workhappy Blog

Salaries will remain stagnant in 2018 – is there a better time to launch your own business? Photo Credit: Nattanan Kanchanaprat / Pixabay.

Performance-based pay is in vogue, contract workers feel like second class to their regular office counterparts and ecommerce business owners could be looking at a sweet back-tax amnesty deal.

Here’s what is new in the world of jobs!

Fair Wages: According to a recent survey companies plan to keep their budgeted allotment for salaries relatively flat in 2018 — which means your chances of a raise are slim to none. That is, unless, you exhibit exemplary performance.

Companies want to keep their high-performers happy, and are devoting more money to performance-based pay, but are showing more reservation overall.

Companies like AppNexus Inc, are hoping this type of change will motivate employees, as the traditional bonus-pay system the company previously practiced had become an expected compensation at the end of the year.

Contracted: Have you ever considered the millions of Americans who work as contractors? For many of them, office life is a completely different experience.

Many American companies contract out for paper pushing, janitorial jobs, and many other tasks — usually at lower cost with more flexibility for the company. However, these employees who, for the most part, work right alongside full-time staff don’t generally receive paid holidays, sick leave, health insurance or company-matching 401(k) plans.

According to a Wall Street Journal survey, many of them also feel excluded from the office work culture and taken for granted by regular employees — all in a take-it-or-leave it line of work that they could lose at any time. Feeling second-rate, indeed.

#Generosity: According to Benevity — an organization that helps Fortune 1000 companies manage their employee giving and corporate matching gift programs — reports that U.S. workers have shifted where they are giving since President Trump’s election win last year.

Most notably, the ACLU jumped from sixth place to first place for the first time in recorded history. Companies have also been paying attention to which causes their employees are passionate about as a way of driving employee engagement.

Pats on the back, all around.

Ecommerce tax break: The National Conference of State Legislatures has estimated that as much as $26 billion in online sales tax money went uncollected in 2015. Whoops!

But they are ready to forgive and forget — at least for a short while. A coalition of tax agencies across 24 states have instituted a temporary tax amnesty program for ecommerce businesses, so long as they submit voluntary disclosure applications by October 17 of this year.

This is no small gesture, seeing as how (depending on the size of the business) that sales tax bill could put someone out of business!


826 National is looking for its next chief executive officer. Launched as a plan to support local students with one-on-one writing and tutoring help, 826 is an entire network of independently operated centers across seven cities. The organization prides itself on offering under-resourced kids with opportunities to explore their creativity.

And now they are looking for an ambitious leader to collaborate with existing and emerging chapters to increase reach and impact. Seven-plus years of senior management and fundraising experience is ideal, and an interest in education and social impact is a must!

Side note: Each of their seven chapters is fronted by a creative storefront to help remove the stigma associated with tutoring— Valencia offers the Pirate Supply Store, Chicago houses the Secret Agent Supply Co, and Brooklyn is home of the Superhero Supply Co.

But Boston Bigfoot Research Institute has got to be our fave!

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